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Post Date:August 22, 2017 10:34 a.m.


In St. Charles Parish, we are fortunate to have a community services department that is committed to supporting individuals and providing a safety net for struggling families. One of the unique ways that they serve our community is through the multiple programs available at the St. Rose and Killona Community Centers:

1. Life Skills. Life, we all live it. Skills, we could all use them. Luckily, in SCP our community centers have a program geared to both teens and adults that help build skills for both life and work. The program focuses on soft skills like attitude, responsibility, communication and problem solving and hard skills like balancing a checkbook and basic sewing.

2. Summer Enrichment Program. Both community centers make sure children have access to summer fun as often as possible with their six-week enrichment program offered for in conjunction with the Summer Food Service Program that provides free meals to children in June and July. The enrichment program focuses on continued learning in all subject matters as well as craft activities and recreational fieldtrips.

3. Computer Lab and Basic Computer Literacy Classes. Technology is a necessity to complete work and school assignments; however, it can be costly. The community centers have a computer lab open for job search and job-related requirements and homework help for residents. There is also the occasional Community outreach program sponsored by the St. Charles Parish Library to teach basic computer literacy information as well as how to use library applications on personal devices such as phones, tablets, and IPADs.

4. Afterschool programs. During the academic school year, the community center provides the time, place and assistance to ensure your child completes their homework with accuracy. For kids who finish their homework, the afterschool art class provides themed, fun-filled craft activities.

5. Parental Corner. Let’s be honest, parenting doesn’t come with a universal handbook. However, our community centers have a mix of parenting sessions that includes tips on age and developmental activities with your child, social interactions and activities for adults.

6. Healthy Life Choices. Well, we could all use tips on making healthier choices in our life. The centers provide tips for mental health, physical health and even offer some healthy cooking recipes!

Don't forget that you can always check what's going on at the Killona Community Center here or the St. Rose Community Center here!

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