Post Date:October 16, 2017 9:42 a.m.

Willowridge Reach

  • The Willowridge Levee Phase 1 earthen levee project is complete.
  • Willowridge Pump Station: All the three pump’s impellers have been replaced and the pumps were retested. The effective date for Substantial Completion for this project is Aug 29, 2017. The Substantial Completion document has been executed and Filed at the SCP Courthouse. Contractor has been working on the final punch list items. The Final Change Order for the project has been finalized and executed by BKI and the Contractor, and submitted to the Parish for approval and execution.
  • Willowridge Phase III: Substantial completion of the project was granted on May 8, 2017. Certificate of Final Acceptance has been fully executed with an effective date of
    Aug 9, 2017. The project has been accepted and is completed.

Ellington Reach

  • Ellington Levee – Phase I Project: As of this Council Meeting the project is 655 days into the 730 calendar day project. The anticipated completion date is in December 2017. The Contractor has initially completed clearing and grubbing operations, inspection trench along the project length, Truck Wash-down Racks at Magnolia Ridge and Valencia Dr. entrances, timber matting over the existing gas pipe lines at the shell road off of Magnolia Ridge Road and at other two gas pipeline crossing locations, Valencia culvert and Magnolia Ridge culvert with sluice gate. Contractor has installed the new drainage canal culvert crossing at Magnolia Ridge and Valencia Dr. Contractor is continuing to perform canal excavation, and placing embankment. In Area 5, the eastern portion of the project, the +7.5’ elevation levee embankment, access roadway, drainage canal and seeding, fertilizing and mulching operations have been completed. The Levee embankment for the Ellington Levee – Phase I Project is progressing at an accelerated level during this period of dry weather. Levee embankment construction is completed to the +7.5’ elevation for 5,000 ft and the remaining 5,500 ft of Levee embankment has been constructed to the +4.5’ elevation or greater. Of the total of 147 certification test required for Levee Certification in this project, 117 test have pass and have been accepted. This represents a 80% completion of passed and approved certification tests for levee embankment for this project.
  • The Ellington Levee – Phase 2: BKI has submitted final design plans and specifications of this project to the Parish for review, and expects to submit to FP&C for the review and approval early next week. The Ellington SFM has been completed. The bid advertisement of the Ellington Levee - Phase 2 is contingent upon completion of the Ellington Levee Phase-I project. Assuming the rate that the Ellington Levee-Phase I is progressing, the Ellington Levee Phase-II project is scheduled to advertise for bidding in mid-November.
  • Ellington Pump Station: The 90% final design documents for the Ellington Pump Station have been submitted to the Parish for review. Received notification from DOTD Statewide Flood Control Program advices that this project will appear in the FY 2017/18 recommended construction program.

Magnolia Ridge Reach

  • Magnolia Ridge Levee: GGeotechnical Engineer has taken approx. 65 soil borings along the alignment of the existing levee to analyze for suitability to cap the existing levee and bring the low spots to elevation +7.5. The analysis is to verify if the existing levee meets the latest USACE levee criteria. Analysis is complete and the geotechnical report has been provided to BKI for incorporating into the final design of the Magnolia Ridge levee Project. BKI has begun preparing the final design plans and specification.
  • Magnolia Ridge Pump Station: HMGP funding has been awarded to the project, and the project has been approved in FEMA’s project tracking system. Currently awaiting on FEMA’s official approval letter. Advertisement for bidding of this project has begun on 9/14/17. The Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting for the Magnolia Ridge Pump Station Project occurred on October 3, 2017 at the Public Works Office. Bid opening date for this project has been revised at the request of bidding contractors, and the revised bid opening is 2 p.m. local time on October 30, 2017.

Sunset Reach

  • To date, the Parish has acquired 25 of 30 levee servitude parcels from 28 impacted landowners. GCR and Parish representatives are working with the Owner of Parcel 27-4 to relocate a trailer from the levee right of way and to address other encroachments within the levee right of way. The agreement between the Parish and Chevron for the acquisition of four parcels which contain 34.21 acres of levee right of way has been signed and recorded. Two parcels (Dufrene) have been recommended for expropriation and are awaiting Parish Council approval. GCR is currently preparing two pre-litigation files for two previously authorized expropriations.
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